Sunday, February 6, 2011

Im thinking Arby's.

So, I am back. Been working two days straight. Fucking sucks. Finally, got a night to myself. And, on top of that, Super Bowl Sunday!! I dont watch football. Fuck football. I dont know, Im just not into the older guys wearing tights, slapping eachothers asses and throwing balls at eachother. Its boring. I prefer lesbian porn anyday. And, to me, football is a mild version of guy on guy porn. Blah. They should be naked, it would be more interesting in the least. But, either way, I missed the game. But I dont prefer either team over the other. Like I said...

FYI, if you havent guessed, I am a girl. And, I am bisexual. Hells to the yeah.

So, it is super snowing here. I walk outside and mistake my front yard as the ice age. Im not sure if i should shovel out my driveway or build an igloo. And, theres more of this shit on its way. Sucks. 14 inches. And, because of the weather, I am fighting for hours at work. We keep closing, or closing early, or sending everybody home. I need my moneys. Fuck them bitches, ill stay up all night doing bull shit cleaning to get my hours. God damn.

So, one thing I was thinking about doing was uploading some of my artwork. Not really my idea, but i was not going to automatically dismiss it. I just havent drawn alot lately. I did do a logo for another blogger the other night. Yes, I was drunk. And, he loved the logo. So, I guess Im awesome. I just gotta update my portfolio on my computer. When i draw, I will draw anything. Yes, I do mean ANYTHING.  Most of my portfolio consists of realism (profiles, people, outside shit, whatever..) or cartoons. Well, anime. Im a giant ass fucking nerd. I love anime and I love drawing it. Hate me. I dont care. But, I draw it and thats how it is. But, I do requests too so thats also a part of my portfolio. Now for me to take the time to upload them. Well see.

So, the most awesome thing happened to me the other day. I got free alcohol. On top of that, it was Tequila. Double hitter. Hello, Jose. I felt like God was giving me a kiss on the cheek. A guy from my local liquor store (hes a stocky guy with dark hair, but I know them all) came through the drive and after paying for his meal said that he was going up to the liquor store and offered to pick up some for me. My jaw dropped. I saw the gates of Heaven open up and 7 sexy angels singing songs of praise and glory as he offered me this glorious gift. I accepted, of course. The best day of my life. I now have an extra pint. Fuck yeah. If there is a God, he loves me.

Im gothic. What does that mean? According to my very conservative, close minded dad it means that Im a witch. I actually have no religion. Agnostic, bitch. I roll like that. And, so many other ways. Im hard core, black eyeshadow, black lipstick with bondage pants goth. Hot Topic is the shit around here. Which is the bible belt of America. I can only imagine shops in other places in America to shop at. California, New York, or Florida. It would be like heaven on earth. On a daily basis, I try to explain to my dad the difference. But, he dont get it. He was born in the fifties. So, there was no electric back then. Meaning, there was no bondage pants. His life must have sucked.

Im signing off for the night. I shall return eventually. Like I said, email is Hit me up to chat, talk, or whatever. I will respond. Cause, I have no reason not too.


  1. You sound like an interesting person. Congratulations on the free alcohol too, I wish some shit like that happens to me.