Friday, February 4, 2011

I am The Bunny.

This is my first posting. I have been wanting to do this for a while, but with working and being drunk i have procrastinated... i suppose. Or, i forget a lot. For my first posting, its gonna be more of a "introduction to the world of the real bunny" type of thing. Yes, i am. Not just being the bunny, but yes i am drunk. Its what i do.

I am 24 years old, at the moment. Im getting older. Slowly. Which, is good. Im married to a Mike, and we have three babies. Two are living, our first passed. He was Tanner. TRISOMY 13 AWARENESS!! Google it. We have two daughters, Lizzy and Emily, whom are the most beautiful girls on this planet. I shit you not. I work.. alot. At some crappy tex mex restaurant called Taco Bueno. And, im embarrassed to annouce that im actually managing the store along with my general manager. I dont enjoy this. But, it pays the bills so i cant complain too much. Except, for the customers. They are really old. And rich. Yeah. Oh, we cant forget about the hours. I work really .. really.. REALLY.. long shifts. They are known as "****** shifts". < Yeah, thats my real name. Not your info. On the side, I drink and will occasionally draw. I think i suck, but everyone else likes my portfolio. But, they ALL smoke crack. Its makes sense. Go crack. Cause i have fans.

I do smoke. Marlboro Reds 100's. ONLY. Fuck the rest of that shit. If i get lung cancer, at least i did it right. Half a pack a day. BITCH. Thats how i roll.

I suck at cooking. I have been.. experimenting. According to my husband, it turns out alright. But, by far, its not a passion. I would rather hit shit. drums, haterz, old people, or Sam. I have dreams. One day, i will accomplish what needs to be taken care of. If i was president, shit would be so fucked up. You'd think, "Satan rules America." I am known at work as Satan. I answer to it accordingly. Even from customers. It makes me smile.

As far as music, i like alot of shit. My all time fav, forever cause i have already given her my soul, is lady gaga. Im one of her monsters. Fuck yeah. I will sell one of my lungs to go to her concert. Cause, based off my pay, thats the only way i will ever get to meet her. Damn. But, its worth it. Shes just.. so weird. And i love it. I want to wear meat. Just so i can say i did. I also like Katy Perry, Linkin Park, Weezer, Ozzy.. im fucked up.

Have you ever played the Sims 3? Its the shit. You dont know whats up if you havent played it. I play it all the time.. especially if im drunk. Its so amazing. You can travel now. Traveling in a game is so much better than not traveling at all IRL.

I have said enough about my self. and i have half a bottle to drink. So, i must get to it. I will return.. this blog is here for you to see things and reality through the eyes of a bunny. And, i will wake your shit up. Or, at the very least, entertain your ass. Email--  .. you can email me.. for whatever. I will respond to each email i get. Cause, i have no reason not too. Peace


  1. God you are hilarious! I dont even know what to say! I will definitely be following you and reading every post! =)

  2. Lady gaga is shit, come listen to the trance radio on my blog!

  3. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  4. I used to manage a taco hell back in the day. Working a job like that can turn anyone into satan.

  5. Thankyou Mike. I appreciate the comment. CFSharp, I will always love Lady Gaga. Probably too much. And, maybe, in wrong ways. But, i also love trance. Thankyou.
    Thankyou Robert. :)
    To Jeremy, are you speaking of Taco Bell? Theres one down the street from us. I have been wanting to set it on fire for years. But, I am oddly the only one at my job who is referred to as Satan. I think its in my genetic code.